The Last European Rally – The Best European Rally


Sadly, the European Rally has now officially come to an end, but Forever made sure of one thing… that it went out in style!

Forever welcomed 11,000 people to Budapest, Hungary at the Papp László SportArena to celebrate the last ever European Rally along with the successes of thousands of Distributors from across Europe.

The Profit Sharing program allowed Rex to give away over €6.9 million to committed and successful Distributors, with the top check of over €374,000 being awarded to Jayne Leach and John Curtis from the UK. Over €362,000 went to Kim and Anja Madsen from Scandinavia, the second highest check recipients, and over €335,000 went to Makhfor Abutaliyev and Galiya Dospayeva from Kazakhstan, so congratulations to our top 3 highest Profit Sharing earners. Forever also congratulates all Distributors who worked tirelessly to receive a Profit Sharing check at this year’s event.

The 2012 European Rally also recognized the best performing countries through 2011. The results are as follows:

Top 10 Countries:
1. Germany, Austria & Switzerland
2. France
3. Turkey, Kazakhstan & Azerbaijan
4. UK & Iceland
5. Scandinavia
6. Hungary
7. Italy
8. Romania
9. Benelux
10. Poland

Forever also congratulates the top 10 Distributors for 2011 who received an award on stage and were personally recognized by founder of Forever Living Products, Rex Maughan, President Gregg Maughan and Vice President of Europe Aidan O’Hare.

Top 10 Distributors:
1.Rolf Kipp – Germany
2.Attila & Kati Gidofalvi – Hungary
3.Christel & Dietmar Reichle – Germany
4.Jayne Leach & John Curtis – UK
5.Magnus Adlercreutz – Scandinavia (Sweden)
6.Helga Kastl – Germany
7.Horst & Margrita Kelm – Germany
8.Miklos Berkics – Hungary
9.Kim & Anja Madsen – Scandinavia (Denmark)
10.József Szabó – Hungary

One of the absolute highlights of the Rally was the entertainment. Attendees were fortunate enough to experience the magnificence of Spellbound, Britain’s Got Talent winners for 2010‚ once described by Simon Cowell as ‘one of the most astonishing things (he’d) ever seen’. Hungarian concert pianist and celebrity Havasi graced the stage with two performances, while Gold Medalist winners Baskultoo, once touring with Cirque de Soleil, wowed us with their skilled and graceful acrobatics.

The Be Free special training session welcomed Forever Nutraceutical expert Steve Hatchett, the beautiful and successful Jeanette Magnusson from Sweden, Number 7 Distributor in Europe Horst Kelm from Germany, Number 2 Distributors in Europe Attila & Kati Gidofalvi from Hungary and third highest Profit Sharing recipients Makhfor Abutaliyev & Galiya Dospayeva from Kazakhstan.

Lastly, the Sonya Competition winner was FLP Poland’s Sylwia Ignaszewska who will be representing Europe at the Super Rally in Phoenix, Arizona. Congratulations to Sylwia.

Forever would like to congratulate all those who received recognition on stage, including all Manager recognitions, Eagle Manager recognitions, Profit Sharing Qualifiers and European Rally Qualifiers. Well done for all of your hard work, and make sure you continue to push your business forwards as we approach the Global Rally in 2013.
You can check out all the photos from the amazing European Rally in Budapest right here….

Forever European Rally 2012 Highlights – Budapest, Hungary

All Images Copyright © Sander Jurkiewicz 2011

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