The Last Asian Rally


Sadly, the Asian Rally has now officially come to an end, but Forever made sure of one thing… that it went out in style!

Forever welcomed over 4000 people to Hong Kong, at the World Asia Expo to celebrate the last ever Asian Rally along with the successes of thousands of Distributors from across Asia.

The Profit Sharing programme allowed Rex to give away over $1.2 million to committed and successful Distributors, with the top cheque of over $204,000 being awarded to Prabha and Sunil Gupta from India. Over $185,000 went to Simon Davidson from India, the second highest cheque recipients, and over $146,000 went to Geetu and Anand Gandhi from also from India, so congratulations to our top 3 highest Profit Sharing earners. Forever also congratulates all Distributors who worked tirelessly to receive a Profit Sharing cheque at this year’s event.

The 2012 Asian Rally also recognised the best performing countries through 2011. The results are as follows:

Top 10 Countries:

1. Japan
2. India
3. Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei
4. Vietnam
5. UAE
6. Hong Kong & Macau
7. Taiwan
8. Philippines
9. Australia & New Zealand
10. Thailand

Forever also congratulates the top 5 Distributors for 2011 who received an award on stage and were personally recognised by founder of Forever Living Products, Rex Maughan, President Gregg Maughan and Vice President of Asia Gary Shreeve.

Top 5 Distributors:

1. Keiko Mamada – Japan
2. Mitsuru and Shigeyo Sakai – Japan
3. Tomoko and Hidetake Kobayashi – Japan
4. Edmund and Loni Ramos – Philippines
5. Simon Davidson – India

One of the absolute highlights of the Rally was the entertainment. Attendees were fortunate enough to experience the magnificence of the Shaolin Kung Fu performers, whose performance was spectacular and incorporated the reveal of the Forever Executive Team. A traditional and dramatic Chinese Dragon Dance graced the stage, while the 1000 Hand Dance wowed us with their stunning and spellbinding performance.

The Be Free special training session welcomed from Japan Ryuji & Yoshie Yamakawa, the inspiring Makhfor Abutaliyev from Kazakhstan, Boris Mezheritsky from the USA, John Ekperigin from Nigeria and Lino & Noemia Barbosa from Brazil.

Lastly, the Sonya Competition winner was Leong Wai from FLP Malaysia who will be representing Asia at the Super Rally in Phoenix, Arizona. Congratulations to her.

Forever would like to congratulate all those who received recognition on stage, including all Manager recognitions, Eagle Manager recognitions, Profit Sharing Qualifiers and Latin American Rally Qualifiers. Well done for all of your hard work, and make sure you continue to push your business forwards as we approach the Global Rally in 2013.

You can check out all the amazing photos from the Asian Rally in Hong Kong right right here….

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