Revolution? No. It’s a Forevolution…

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Are you ready for a Forevolution?

We asked that same question to everyone who attended the 2012 Super Rally in Phoenix, Arizona (whether it was in person or from home via the live feed) and over 2,600 Distributors answered–yes!


Over the course of the week, Distributors logged on to to join the Forevolution. The game was designed to incorporate the two most popular social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, to create a new, interactive Rally experience. In addition to the Twitter and Facebook chatter on, a live Twitter feed was displayed during the onstage Rally events; streaming all the live tweets from our global audience – including those from the thousands of viewers joining the event via the live feed.

Each day, the Gamemaster posted challenges to, Facebook & Twitter, asking all participants to either tweet responses using the hashtag #foreverglobal or post submissions to Facebook for a chance to win a prize. Challenges included tweeting the current temperature in Scottsdale, posting a creative picture of an Aloe Baby to Facebook and proclaiming how to qualify for next year’s Global Rally in Hawaii. Over 26 prizes were awarded throughout the week, including 4 brand new iPads.


“Although this week was all about fun and games, social media has the potential to really drive our business in the future. It can drive sales, recruit potential Distributors and connect current Distributors with their customer base,” says Director of Strategic Development, Andrew O’Hare.

Distributors who stopped by the Forevolution table to claim their prizes took time to share their experiences with our staff. Kim Nitta, a U.S. Regional Sales Director from Los Angeles, California claimed, “I created a Twitter account just to participate in the game and won a prize. Who would have thought I would ever join Twitter?” Another Distributor proclaimed, “I’ve never tweeted more in my life! The response I’ve received from my followers is amazing.“

A response from followers is something iPad winner, Oliver Lepki, knows something about. During the course of the week prior to Rally, over 200 of his friends and co-works tweeted, “I’m ready to Rally with Oliver Lepki. #foreverglobal.” aloe-baby-forevolutionWhen asked about his winning strategy, he answered: “I just posted it to Facebook and Twitter, and it went viral. All of a sudden, everyone was ready to Rally with me.” Oliver went on to say that “social media is a lot like our own business – network marketing. It starts with just one person sharing something with another, and the next thing you know, you’ve built an entire network.”

That just illustrates the power of social media today. Through the Forevolution movement, our Distributors were given the opportunity to learn how to harness that power to transform their businesses – and had a lot of fun along the way!

But, as Paul Muehlmann, Director of Marketing, put it, “this is just the beginning. We want to arm our Distributors with the necessary technical skills they need to really ‘forevolutionize’ the way we do business.”

Check out this tweet that was recently posted to Forevolution’s Twitter page:
Thank you, Oliver, for being a part of the Forevolution!

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